INDIA 2005  
Walk the Streets Home

This is the main street in a small village of Bhanderej 
where we stayed for one night


Next morning we wandered the streets. 
Paper rubbish seemed to be burnt in the road



The custom is for women to do manual labour in the fields and villages



Note rod-operated brakes on the immaculate bike


No space for traffic


Sacred cows freely wander. Adjacent is a pile of seemed to be the practice 
to burn paper in the centre of the road 


Ironing demonstration our tour guide, Paveen. 
On his left is the village tailor. The iron is filled with glowing charcoal....
no worries about power cuts. 


Another fine beast


Street scene in Kuchaman...a medium size town


The shops were basically large rooms raised up 
on plinths fronting the street 


The cart looks a bit on the large size for this small donkey


Everywhere we were surrounded by children 
who always wanted pens and usually wanted 
to see themselves on a digital camera screen


These American style Jeeps were common as also were
Morris Oxford Ambassador cars in the larger cities


According to Paveen the cattle were fed regularly 
by the locals but, as here, many ate waste 
cardboard and fed at street waste dumps 


A trader in Pushkar


Walking with impunity
Note the lorry coming the other way


Same cow



A colourful scene at a shop in Jaipur




1. Views from the Bus Window

3. Palace Hotels 

4. Elephants

5. Camels

6. Taj Mahal