India 2005 Views from bus window (Mike Wood)
INDIA 2005

Most photographs on this page were taken from the front seat of the tour bus via the window of the drivers cab and  the windscreen. The result is some loss of clarity and restricted views!

Views From Bus Window


Roadside food stall 

Following a bullock cart along a rare section of dual carriage way powered vehicle 

Note the twin donkey powered vehicle 

All life is centred on the main road through 
villages and small towns

Go with the flow! Somehow it's all is sorted out eventually

Sometimes there's no tarmac...this is the main arterial route between two cities


All aboard.....this is a common sight. We didn't see anybody fall off!

There are no pedestrian crossing points. Its up to you to avoid the traffic
Notice two motorcycles amongst the pedestrians about to cross the road


Following a slow tractor pulling a trailer of very heavy marble slabs. 
Rajastan is the world centre for marble production


No seats here while you wait for the bus  
Many centres of population are ribbon developments 
and all activity is roadside


Jaipur   Cycle Rickshaws

Sleeping rough



2. Walk the Streets

3. Palace Hotels 

4. Elephants

5. Camels

6. Taj Mahal