INDIA 2005  
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Scattered across the country are many palaces which belonged to the Maharajas 
and over the last 10years have been used as hotels. Cast aside any notion that 
these are conventional hotels; one is left with the feeling that the Maharaja left 
but a few months ago.

One such hotel at Kuchaman was positioned on a rock outcrop high above the town



This is the nearest I got to any mountains!

A view from the gatehouse at the foot of the rock 
looking up to the palace.
Access from here was by four-wheel drive Jeep or walk!

Even in mid-November dining each day was alfresco 
sometimes as here with entertainment

The Harem was equisitely decorated......


..........with hundreds of small mirrors


All the walls were covered in paintings. 
Here is the Hindu god Ganesh

More images from the harem walls



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